Lovely, oddly colored carrots (at Little Italy Mercato Farmers Market)

Why hello, autumn. (at Little Italy Mercato Farmers Market)


oh my god

A terrifying Halloween this year indeed!

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this is so perfect i can’t handle it

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Not everyone at the bridal shower was a happy camper. #louiethepug

Impromptu sunlight selfie

It was a successful bridal shower for the future Mrs. Levy! #sisters #weddingfun #bridalshower

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me: *eating microwaved ramen noodles and watching kitchen nightmares* cannot believe this asshole didnt use fresh chicken in his paella, unbelievable

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all year round autumn/halloween blog!

all year round autumn/halloween blog!

all year round autumn/halloween blog!

all year round autumn/halloween blog!

all year round autumn/halloween blog!


all year round autumn/halloween blog!

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I just noticed that last night’s writing marked post number 2,014 on Tumblr….and the year is 2014. So do I get some kind of prize?






Fun fact: Cheetahs only attack pray that runs

jesus that is good to know.

Yup, that’s the point you just stay still and let it do whatever the fuck it wants that doesn’t involved you getting eaten. 

REALLY FUN FACT for big cats cheetahs are fucking docile as shit

my grandfather ran a cheetah sanctuary in south africa and he’d just lie with them and sleep among them and they’d rub against him and chirp at him they’re big fucking babies

Another Fun Fact: Cheetahs are incredibly nervous animals. One of the (many) reason’s they’re going extinct is that cheetahs are so sensitive and nervous, some of them are literally too nervous to breed. Other’s will breed, but stress themselves out so much that they’ll loose their cubs.

So zoo’s with breeding program’s had to figure out how to make Cheetahs comfortable enough to:
A. Get laid and
B. Not spazz themselves into miscarrying.

So what’d they do?
They gave the cheetahs their very own Service Dogs!

The dogs make them feel safe, protected and secure!

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Oh hey there, Tumblr folks. I’m just popping in to say hello after months of total silence (aside from the cat GIFs, obviously). 

The other night I went back and re-read every single one of my Tumblr posts, beginning in spring 2011. What a stunning transition from bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when I first arrived in Korea, loving everyone and everything, to ranting bitter hag when I left Korea in April. I remember feeling a bit like I had been chewed up and spit out after my three years there. Only now, three months back in the U.S. and three months into unemployment, do I have a more balanced point of view.

Being unemployed for a good length of time tends to make a person re-evaluate a lot of things (and of course experience fairly regular bouts of crippling self-doubt, ahem). But yes, lots of introspection and re-evaluation. Though I left Korea feeling more disillusioned than I would have liked, I don’t for a minute regret spending those three years there. Coming home has made me more and more grateful for that time. 

Anyway, all of this to say that I am in the process of starting a blog (not on Tumblr). So if you’ve enjoyed reading my rambling thoughts over the past few years, you will probably enjoy the blog. (Except there will be less bitching about Korean companies and appalling roommates. Equal amounts of cat photos.)

Stay tuned for details. I’m looking to get things rolling sometime in November/December. The first 100 subscribers will be entered for the chance to win a limited edition Swarovski iPhone 6 case, a gift basket containing every pumpkin product ever made by Trader Joe’s, and an eight-week-old shar-pei puppy shipped directly from China.

Just kidding. No shar-peis. But I can offer you something better: the real, unadulterated writing of someone who is 29, unemployed, and living with her mother.

Alright so who’s in? 

I knew I would appreciate having a dryer again after living without for a few years, but I didn’t realize Finn would be equally excited…

I made a thing! And it was actually delicious! Hearty butternut squash with lentils, tomatoes, red onions, and lots of delish spices. Feta and pine nuts to garnish. It was a hit!